What is Power Salad

A salad is commonly served as an appetizer but it can be a complete meal if you transform it into a Power Salad. A Power Salad contains four elements which are vegetables, fruits, protein and topping.

Why do we need Power Salad?

Hectic schedules and the requirements of modern life can make it hard to get all nutrients you need from diet alone. Working adults regularly skip meals and choose the quick pick-me-up snacks and junk food.

Poor nutrition can affect our daily health and wellbeing and also reduce our ability to lead an enjoyable and active life.

Over time, it can contribute to the risk of developing illnesses or other health problems.

Eating a Power Salad can be a great and fun way to get necessary nutrition in your daily diet!

How do we start?

Power Salad it's easier than you think

Start with a colourful array of vegetables

Brightly coloured vegetables have flavonoids, and the dark green vegetables are lower in calories. The different colours of vegetables are a result of different pigments and each one of which offers different health benefits.

Add fruits

Fruits pair well with nuts and make an interesting texture contrast to raw vegetables. Apples, mangoes, pineapples, blackberries and raisins can add antioxidants and vitamins to your salad.

Add some protein

Protein helps to build muscles and sticks around long after you've eaten to help you feel full and energized. A hard-boiled egg is an excellent source of protein, you can add a serving of chicken breast, tuna, cooked shrimp, or a handful of cheese.

Sprinkle some seeds or nuts

They add a nice crunch, a layer of flavour, and they're loaded with protein and fibre. One tablespoon of almonds has about 2 grams of protein and one tablespoon of sunflower seeds has 1.5 grams of protein.

Top your Power Salad with your favourite Kewpie

Last but not least, bring out and enhance the flavours of your Power Salad with Kewpie Mayonnaise or Dressing.